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Day Nurseries For Sale

Looking to buy a nursery business? At Owen Froebel, we specialise in helping people involved or interested in the day nursery sector find their next business venture. Browse through our list of nurseries for sale below and contact our team for more information.
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Shropshire Day Nursery For Sale

Price: £390,000
Places: 89

We are very happy to offer to market this rapidly growing, spacious nursery in a North Shropshire town. The setting enjoys an excellent local reputation and an Outstanding Ofsted rating. Located in a leasehold property, owned by a commercial landlord, the nursery benefits from substantial outdoor space and easy accessibility. Established for 21 years the setting has recently expanded from 65 to 89 places and to allow for the surge in demand in the local area. The staffing is already adequate to allow for the continuing growth in occupancy and has a management team in place with the whole team being well established. Ref: 9584

If you would like more information, request a prospectus or call us on 02476 013929

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Cambridgeshire Day Nursery For Sale

Price: £690,000
Places: 90

A large well established setting offering the full complement of day nursery, wraparound care and holiday club. Situated in a purpose built property close to a primary school and within a busy residential area the setting has an excellent local reputation having grown substantially in recent years. The property is leased and a new lease is currently being discussed and is expected to be issued for a minimum of 10 years. Operating 52 weeks a year the setting has a full management team with the Owner having stepped back from day to day running. Currently running at an average daily occupancy of 71%, current staffing levels would allow for an increase in occupancy with plenty of ratio capacity. The setting undertakes no external marketing at this time.

For more information request a prospectus or contact us on 02476 013929

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South Wales Day Nursery For Sale

Price: £320,000
Places: 51

A large purpose built nursery located close to the Welsh border and 35 miles from Cardiff. Situated just off the A40 with a large catchment area. Registered for 51 children the setting has a long established team and excellent local reputation. Currently running at approximately 48% occupancy the nursery offers a large scope for further growth with an already excellent EBITDA of 23.49% of gross at current levels. The property is leased and currently has 8 years of a 10 year lease remaining. The landlord is happy to reissue a new 10 year lease if required. The setting has a day rate of £60.40 per day with a predominantly fee-paying clientele equating to 69.15% of the income. Ref: 3689

For more information request a prospectus or contact us on 02476 013929

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Surrey Day Nursery For Sale

Price: £475,000
Places: 80

Large Day Nursery based in a converted residential property within an affluent Surrey town. Registered for 80 places the setting is Manager-led with a well established team. The setting is rated Good by Ofsted. The property is leasehold with 20 years remaining on the current lease. The building itself is 224.5sqm with a large garden to the rear plus a separate studio flat which is currently untenanted. Operating 52 weeks a year the setting charges a day rate of £80. Ref: 1203

If you would like more information please request a prospectus or contact us on 02476 013929

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REDUCED PRICE - Northamptonshire Day Nursery for Sale

Price: £250,000
Places: 30

We are happy to offer this well established setting to market. Opened in 1990, the nursery has an excellent reputation in the local area and enjoys 5-star reviews on both Google and DayNurseries.co.uk.
Located close to the south Northamptonshire border, the setting is situated on a main through road with excellent commutability for staff and parents.
With 1,416Sqft of internal space and three separate external areas, the setting offers a vast potential expansion opportunity, as well as the chance to gaze at the horses grazing in the field next door!
The property is owned by the Vendor who is happy to issue a lease and be flexible as to the timescale as to best assist the buyer.
Registered for 30 places and open year round.

For more information, request the prospectus or call us on 02476 013929

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West Midlands Day Nursery

Price: £260,000
Places: 103

Based just off the M6 within a busy town centre, this setting is registered for 103 places and occupies a large building with lots of under utilised space.
The business is on the market at £260,000 and is being sold alongside the freehold with an estimated value of £590,000. The freehold includes the setting premises and two three bedroom apartments.
Operating year round, the setting is fully staffed and manager led. Running at below occupancy there is large scope for growth and demand in the local area to support this. At present there is minimal advertising beyond the use of a website. Social media is used but mainly utilised and driven to existing parents.

For more information, request the prospectus or call us on 02476 013929

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