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Looking to buy a nursery?

Whether you’re new to the early years sector or you’re looking to expand your existing business portfolio, we can help you to buy a day nursery suited to your requirements. Using our leading industry knowledge, as well as bespoke buying strategies and techniques, we’ll ensure that you remain supported throughout the whole process and are happy with your acquisition.

Discover profitable, well-run nursery businesses for sale with us today.
Looking to build your nursery portfolio?

Reasons to choose Owen Froebel

Nursery specialists
Nursery specialists

Uniquely, our non-executive directors act as consultants to the business and own and operate a small group of nurseries across the West Midlands.

This gives us a great insight and understanding of the challenges that face the sector and how value can be unlocked. 

Innovative techniques
Innovative techniques

Whilst we are happy to converse by telephone and love a chat, we recognise the world has moved on so we welcome requests for information by WhatsApp and Text for convenience.

We also use our bespoke CRM to know whether you are engaged or not. Ensuring that we target you with only the right businesses for sale.

Bespoke buying strategies
Bespoke buying strategies

We have worked with buyers looking for lifestyle businesses, through to private equity backed platforms looking to buy and build against the clock.

We will pragmatically discuss your goals and work to apply our search strategies to ensure you get to your desired goal as quickly as possible.

How buying a nursery with us works

Step 1
Step 1

Register your details with us, and be sure to let us know exactly what you are looking for.

This enables our consultants to identify the most suitable nursery for your requirements.

Step 2
Step 2

Ask questions. When something catches your eye, call your consultant directly and ask lots of questions.

Whether you need information on the day-to-day running of the nursery or would like clarification on its Ofsted registration, we’ll be able to answer all of your queries. 

Step 3
Step 3

Move fast. From requesting more details to arranging a viewing, a keen buyer is a successful buyer.

We’ve helped countless nursery owners hit the ground running, so don’t miss out on the chance to own your dream childcare business. 

Your questions, answered

It all depends on where you want to get to. If you are looking to buy a day nursery, then register with us today; it doesn’t cost you anything and you can have a conversation with one of our team so you can work together to develop a buying specification that suits your needs. From there, start viewings until you find the nursery for you, refining and updating us on your buying specification as you go along.

Owen Froebel aims to be the most knowledgeable and supportive nursery broker out there. Registering as a buyer with us will mean that we are actively looking for a nursery on your behalf.

Your consultant will work with you to ensure you have all the information on hand to make an informed decision and once an offer is accepted, will support you all the way to completion, assisting with finance, Ofsted, and anything else that is needed to get you there in one piece.

Many buyers have an ideal – the dream nursery that ticks all the boxes. Your consultant will work with you to try and find that dream or match it as closely as possible. They may also suggest a whole range of things that you haven’t even considered.

Most buyers end up with something very different from their original dream, but somehow still exactly what they were looking for.

When you first register you will be contacted by a consultant to discuss what your ideal nursery business is and how you are looking to approach it. This means that your consultant can actively look on your behalf, as well as make sure that you aren’t receiving anything that doesn’t work for you.

They will ask about how you are looking to finance a purchase and manage all the legal aspects, directing you to other people who can help with these particulars. That way, you know that when the right nursery appears you can move quickly and are in the strongest position possible.

Buying an existing nursery business is a huge commitment and as such, you want to make the right choice. Some buyers will find their ideal nursery in the first few months of looking, but some may take three years to find ‘the one’. This does not mean that they are being fussy, it means that they haven’t found the right one just yet.

Regardless of how long it takes, the buying journey is important as it will grow your knowledge of the industry and how the purchase process works. From when the point of sale is agreed upon, the sale process takes 3-6 months depending on the structure of the nursery, the finance and the input of Ofsted. Just remember, no matter how long it takes to get to completion, we’re here to get you through it.

We tailor our buying services to youWe tailor our buying services to you

We tailor our buying services to you

Your consultant will work with you to make sure you are only getting the nurseries that work for you – and that you have all the information required to make an informed decision.

They are also with you right up to completion, helping you every step of the way.

Our team has 50 years of combined experience in mergers and acquisitions, many of which have been spent assisting in the buying and selling of day nurseries throughout the UK. Contact us today to get started on your journey towards nursery ownership. 

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